Call of the Blue

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The philanthropic project is aimed at helping the works of scientists behind these initiatives.
The narrative presents the works of 52 best biologists and scientists.
In addition we have the participation of 20 global ocean guardians, explorers, entrepreneurs, explorers, presenters, film makers, actors, singers, authors, sportsmen and key figures that answered the call of the blue.
First named Life is Blue, it was then turned into Call of the Blue to put at the front the “guardians” of the oceans dedicating their life to protect biodiversity.
First edition of the book has been met with excellent reviews (see below) and is running for best Nature Book in the US.
Large, hard cover edition is almost sold out and we are now planning for a second edition.
We are looking for corporate partners willing to promote ocean preservation, this second edition will give them the opportunity to transmit an ocean preservation message.

Call of the Blue covers the realities of the oceans of today, as well as the stories of 100 + men and women from all over the world restlessly fighting for science and to protect and conserve the oceans and their species. Including 52 of the world’s best scientists and many well-known personalities, their chronicles and experiences are most inspiring.

The book is illustrated by 300 unpublished pictures from the photographer Philip Hamilton’s private portfolio of hundreds of thousands.

  • It covers the most important topics, from plastic pollution to overfishing, from shark fin soup to the manta gill racks trade and turtle egg poaching.
  • Pictures range from the majestic bluewhale to small invertebrates.
  • Introductions and foreword from Yann Arthus-Bertrand and Inger Andersen (Dir. Générale de IUCN).
  • Conclusions from famous professors and conservationists.

Is Call of the Blue the written version of BBC’s Blue Planet series?
Interesting, beautiful, surprising, educative… and hopefully will help to make a change. One thing is clear, it is unique and a publication like this has never been done before.

Cover Call of the Blue
  • ISBN: 978-1-911300-51-9
  • Hardback, 285 x 380 mm
  • 344 pages, 300 colour illus.
  • Printed in Italy

Call of the Blue is a non-profit book aiming for a broad publication, while raising awareness and touching emotionally its audience. Hence we offer large clients the opportunity to order a private edition at a large discount to retail price (i.e. Amazon / Waterstones).


Press reviews
First edition is now sold out and press reviews have been excellent. We are working on a second edition with some new pictures and translations in French/Spanish and German.
We will raising the colors for Call of the Blue during the Bol d’Or Mirabaud Saturday 15th of June 2019.
The Diam24 od « Call of the Blue » has completed an epic Bol d’Or Mirabaud 2019 with winds blowing at over 60 knots.
Call of the Blue books now available

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