After 25 years working in capital markets, I now dedicate my time between the Fixed Income Fund management industry and the Ocean preservation causes.

Call of the Blue last two years and a film series project this year: Ocean Souls.

As co-productor for Call of the Blue a non-profit sea preservation book for a broad audience, we and our partners are trying to raise awareness and help people dedicating their life (answering the Call) to ocean preservation projects.

We are working on a second edition of the book for 2020.

In the context of new threats to cetaceans (ie plastic pollution, resuming whales hunting), the Uproar team (visit the Youtube Channel) believes that science and beauty can touch public opinion. We are working on a beautiful & scientific whales film series Ocean Souls with the goal to raise public awareness to the cetaceans unique intelligence, feelings and social behaviours.



Clément Perette